Monday, January 12, 2009

Babysitter age 5

Incident #1. (In the car driving) Me: "Isaiah, can you give Ailey her pacifier?" Isaiah: "Sure mom" Crying that doesn't stop. Me: "Isaiah, can you please give her her pacifier?" Isaiah: "Mommmm I gave it to her and she doesn't want it. I'm letting her cry for a minute and then I'll try it again!" Me: "Did you try rocking her?" Isaiah: "Yes mom she doesn't want to just wait a minute and I'll try the pacifier again."
Incident #2. I was in need of a shower last week. Ailey was fast asleep in her crib and Isaiah was busy watching cartoons I saw my opportunity but had reservations leaving Ailey in her crib so I decided to have a talk with Isaiah. I approached him and told him I was getting in the shower and if he heard her crying he should come and get me. Ten minutes into my shower Isaiah comes in and tells me Ailey is crying. Can you go to her and put her pacifier in her mouth I asked. He told me he would. Ten minutes later I was done with my shower and hadn't heard from him. I assumed the pacifier worked but when I walked into my bedroom I saw that Isaiah had taken Ailey out of her crib and put her on my bed and was reading her books. She was giggling and he was having a great time.
Incident #3. Thursday 2:00 Grant (my brother in law) was getting ready to board the bus for an away game of basketball. He had forgotten his warm-up shirt and a sweatshirt and needed me to bring them to him. Ailey was sound asleep in her crib and Isaiah was playing Mario Cart on the Wii. Now just to preface this, the high school is literally 2 minutes away. I approached Isaiah. "Isaiah, could you watch Ailey while I run to the school and take a few things to Grant?"
"Who's here mom?"
"No one just you."
"Just me?"
"yeah, do you think you could do it?"
"yeah, I can do it."
So I taught him how to call me on my cell phone and quickly ran to the high school. I was gone a total of 5 minutes and when I returned it was exactly as i left it. Isaiah was playing games and Ailey was asleep in her crib.
6:37pm that very night my cell phone rings and i answer,
"Hi mom"
"Hi Isaiah"
"What are you doing?"
"Sitting on the couch watching TV with dad what are you doing?"
"Playing with Maddox. Can you get me a drink?"