Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Funny thing about the name Rose. Everyone who knows my family knows that my mom and I are enemies well kind of. I love her to death but I really know how to push her buttons, and so does she. I know my mom only thinks that her daughter has a blog so I know that she won't read this. My mom has to be one of the two best women who ever set foot on this earth. I love her, I love her weird voodoo medical stuff, everything she really CARES about everyone. She is freakin great. Her name is Rosemarie well that is what we thought it was our whole lives. A few years ago I spent every weekend in the bay area with my aunt who told me that that was not true, her name was Rose Marie Winkel. So I have been giving it to her for the past few years. Afton Rose Evans is named after my loving awesome mother Rosemarie Evans. Mom I love you, thanks for being such a great person.


This is little Afton right after Amy gave birth to her (She looks super fine there), she was our littlest baby of all
7lbs. 14oz.
21inches long

Afton just like Maddox had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and so you get purple feet, and hands but more feet.

Here are her stats... with one eye closed she does come from pirate descent...

Isaiah is proud to be the oldest, and he really loves his baby sisters.

Here is Grandma Eileen, Ailey, Isaiah and Afton about 6 hours into life. We have to try to teach Ailey that she needs to be soft, not everything can go into your mouth.

More photos to come! Promise!!!