Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Funny thing about the name Rose. Everyone who knows my family knows that my mom and I are enemies well kind of. I love her to death but I really know how to push her buttons, and so does she. I know my mom only thinks that her daughter has a blog so I know that she won't read this. My mom has to be one of the two best women who ever set foot on this earth. I love her, I love her weird voodoo medical stuff, everything she really CARES about everyone. She is freakin great. Her name is Rosemarie well that is what we thought it was our whole lives. A few years ago I spent every weekend in the bay area with my aunt who told me that that was not true, her name was Rose Marie Winkel. So I have been giving it to her for the past few years. Afton Rose Evans is named after my loving awesome mother Rosemarie Evans. Mom I love you, thanks for being such a great person.


This is little Afton right after Amy gave birth to her (She looks super fine there), she was our littlest baby of all
7lbs. 14oz.
21inches long

Afton just like Maddox had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and so you get purple feet, and hands but more feet.

Here are her stats... with one eye closed she does come from pirate descent...

Isaiah is proud to be the oldest, and he really loves his baby sisters.

Here is Grandma Eileen, Ailey, Isaiah and Afton about 6 hours into life. We have to try to teach Ailey that she needs to be soft, not everything can go into your mouth.

More photos to come! Promise!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'll be glad when daddy comes home!

We officially made the move to WA but we left Adam behind for 3 weeks. 3 days has been to much! Adam got a job in Sunnyside WA which is about 40 min from my parents house. I am stationed at my parents until we find a house. We are thinking somewhere in West Richland for those of you who know the area. Here is a little clip for you we love you and can't wait to see you again!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Kids

It's been a while since I've blogged and my kids are growing up before my eyes! Isaiah was meant to be born first. He is such a great helper and very responsible. I can always count on him when I need something. Sometimes I wonder if I give him too many responsibilities or ask too much of him for his age but he always surprises me with what he is capable of doing. Maddox is our little superhero. It's almost like he lives in an alternate world sometimes. He really believes he has super powers and when he does something amazing like a front flip on the trampoline he will ask ..."did fire come out of my feet that time mom?" I always reply with a simple "yes". Today the missionaries were over here talking about walking on the road and it being really dusty and Maddox said, "you mean pixie dust right?" So cute what can I say? And Ailey, well I have a whole other blog for her since it is her birthday tomorrow but just for now know she is completely adored by all those around her. Enjoy the pics!!!

The kids are modeling their newest creations. For Grants birthday party this year Jenn was in charge of the party favors and I was in charge of the food (of course). So we had a great pool party with all of Grants friends and Jenn decided to have all the kids tie dye shirts for their favors. It was a big hit! They all had a great time and even my kids had a go at it. This was the result. I decided to have a concession stand down at the pool called "Grants Snack Shack" complete with the Benjamin Burger - 1/3 lb burger with cheese, Giant Grant - double bacon chili cheese burger, Teener Weiner - 1/4 lb hot dog, #45 Dog - chili cheese dog, Super Sophomore Nachos, Jillian Burger - veggie pattie with all the fixins, Chips, Cornuts, Soda, Candy, and licorice. The kids really had a good time and plenty to eat!

Broken Ankle What????

This is the picture Adam really didn't want me to take but I couldn't resist. We had already been in the hospital for 3 hours and I was running out of ideas to keep us entertained when I found my camera. So for clarification Adam didn't break his ankle thank goodness it was a dislocation that was diagnosed by you guessed it .... Adam. He insisted on reviewing the x-rays before even the doc looked at them and figured out the problem himself. It was kinda scary though to get that call because usually with Adam when you get those calls it's not something minor. A few facts about Adam. He has had 9 surgeries (if you can name them all you get a prize), and numerous mishaps including just since we have been married, shard of broken glass stuck in his shin from dump run, staple stuck in his eye, and dislocated fingers just to name a few. I love this boy I just wish he would stop hurting himself! By the way this accident happened when he was mountain biking in Tahoe with his brothers Chad and Grant.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last 5 months

Isaiah in his baseball uniform. He was really excited to play this year.

Isaiah at second base.

I got to fly to seattle in feb to see Erin, Josh, and Eliza. We had a great time and Ailey and Eliza got to do some bonding.

The Evans boys got to take a trip out to Utah to see one of their best buds get married. Congrats Clay! From left to right: Sugar, Clay, David, Adam, and Chad.

More cousin bonding time with Ailey. This is Chloe and Ailey. Chloe was so cute with her the whole time she came to visit. She was the perfect babysitter! She would just take Ailey and I wouldn't here a thing for hours. Thanks Chloe! Can't wait to see you in June.

Isaiah and his best friend Bryson. They had alot of fun doing some face painting this day. Two dragons on Isaiah's face and some sort of fire mask on Bryson's.

Ailey's first ride on the Quad. She actually like it!

Isaiah on Opening day for baseball. He decided he wanted to climb the rock wall which he had never done before. He climbed it like a pro the first time and made it all the way to the top! This kid never stops amazing me.

Maddox and Ailey have been two peas in a pod while Isaiah is gone to school. They watch cartoons together or run errands with me.

Our little family

HOLY CRAP! Sorry it has taken so long to get something posted. We have been doing a lot these past few months but here is a little ditty and some pictures to go with it.

Maddox (4) Isaiah (5) and Ailey (6 months) in this post now she is almost 9 months. Our family

This was our newest lamb at the time, our little farming family on the trampoline

Babe on the left and Zuko on the right, she is going to be having piglets here in the next few months. Let me know who is ready for the best pork ever.

Here are a few of our chickens. We have 36 chickens and 2 turkeys. We used to have them in with the pigs but all 25 last year got eaten by our pigs, no wonder why our pork tasted like chicken.

Our newest addition to the farm, little lamb male born 4-4-2009 he and the mom are doing really well.

Here is our little lamb with my smoking hot prego wife. Number 4 here we come.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Babysitter age 5

Incident #1. (In the car driving) Me: "Isaiah, can you give Ailey her pacifier?" Isaiah: "Sure mom" Crying that doesn't stop. Me: "Isaiah, can you please give her her pacifier?" Isaiah: "Mommmm I gave it to her and she doesn't want it. I'm letting her cry for a minute and then I'll try it again!" Me: "Did you try rocking her?" Isaiah: "Yes mom she doesn't want to just wait a minute and I'll try the pacifier again."
Incident #2. I was in need of a shower last week. Ailey was fast asleep in her crib and Isaiah was busy watching cartoons I saw my opportunity but had reservations leaving Ailey in her crib so I decided to have a talk with Isaiah. I approached him and told him I was getting in the shower and if he heard her crying he should come and get me. Ten minutes into my shower Isaiah comes in and tells me Ailey is crying. Can you go to her and put her pacifier in her mouth I asked. He told me he would. Ten minutes later I was done with my shower and hadn't heard from him. I assumed the pacifier worked but when I walked into my bedroom I saw that Isaiah had taken Ailey out of her crib and put her on my bed and was reading her books. She was giggling and he was having a great time.
Incident #3. Thursday 2:00 Grant (my brother in law) was getting ready to board the bus for an away game of basketball. He had forgotten his warm-up shirt and a sweatshirt and needed me to bring them to him. Ailey was sound asleep in her crib and Isaiah was playing Mario Cart on the Wii. Now just to preface this, the high school is literally 2 minutes away. I approached Isaiah. "Isaiah, could you watch Ailey while I run to the school and take a few things to Grant?"
"Who's here mom?"
"No one just you."
"Just me?"
"yeah, do you think you could do it?"
"yeah, I can do it."
So I taught him how to call me on my cell phone and quickly ran to the high school. I was gone a total of 5 minutes and when I returned it was exactly as i left it. Isaiah was playing games and Ailey was asleep in her crib.
6:37pm that very night my cell phone rings and i answer,
"Hi mom"
"Hi Isaiah"
"What are you doing?"
"Sitting on the couch watching TV with dad what are you doing?"
"Playing with Maddox. Can you get me a drink?"