Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Kids

It's been a while since I've blogged and my kids are growing up before my eyes! Isaiah was meant to be born first. He is such a great helper and very responsible. I can always count on him when I need something. Sometimes I wonder if I give him too many responsibilities or ask too much of him for his age but he always surprises me with what he is capable of doing. Maddox is our little superhero. It's almost like he lives in an alternate world sometimes. He really believes he has super powers and when he does something amazing like a front flip on the trampoline he will ask ..."did fire come out of my feet that time mom?" I always reply with a simple "yes". Today the missionaries were over here talking about walking on the road and it being really dusty and Maddox said, "you mean pixie dust right?" So cute what can I say? And Ailey, well I have a whole other blog for her since it is her birthday tomorrow but just for now know she is completely adored by all those around her. Enjoy the pics!!!

The kids are modeling their newest creations. For Grants birthday party this year Jenn was in charge of the party favors and I was in charge of the food (of course). So we had a great pool party with all of Grants friends and Jenn decided to have all the kids tie dye shirts for their favors. It was a big hit! They all had a great time and even my kids had a go at it. This was the result. I decided to have a concession stand down at the pool called "Grants Snack Shack" complete with the Benjamin Burger - 1/3 lb burger with cheese, Giant Grant - double bacon chili cheese burger, Teener Weiner - 1/4 lb hot dog, #45 Dog - chili cheese dog, Super Sophomore Nachos, Jillian Burger - veggie pattie with all the fixins, Chips, Cornuts, Soda, Candy, and licorice. The kids really had a good time and plenty to eat!

Broken Ankle What????

This is the picture Adam really didn't want me to take but I couldn't resist. We had already been in the hospital for 3 hours and I was running out of ideas to keep us entertained when I found my camera. So for clarification Adam didn't break his ankle thank goodness it was a dislocation that was diagnosed by you guessed it .... Adam. He insisted on reviewing the x-rays before even the doc looked at them and figured out the problem himself. It was kinda scary though to get that call because usually with Adam when you get those calls it's not something minor. A few facts about Adam. He has had 9 surgeries (if you can name them all you get a prize), and numerous mishaps including just since we have been married, shard of broken glass stuck in his shin from dump run, staple stuck in his eye, and dislocated fingers just to name a few. I love this boy I just wish he would stop hurting himself! By the way this accident happened when he was mountain biking in Tahoe with his brothers Chad and Grant.