Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look Mom No Floaties...

Isaiah's new thing is to be so proud that he can swim with no floaties. I (dad) took him around the pool for like 5 minutes and showed him that he could do it. After that he thought he was the man, now able to swim all by himself. The next feat was to jump off the diving board with no floaties and swim to the side. Well this is where the story gets funny. Isaiah tells me that if he jumps off the diving board he will get a new toy, being totally okay with that he gets on the board and starts talking to himself. This is what Isaiah starts to say, "Ok, Ok, you can do this, here it goes, here it goes, dad I trust you, Isaiah you can do this, just a small little jump, ok , ok, here it goes, dad I trust you, ok, ok I love Kung Fu." Then he jumped. He got the toy and now has no fear doing cannonballs, can openers, cowboys, the cell phone jump, anything I love being a dad.

Here is Isaiah, Maddox and Aiken

Isaiah and Grant, I think Isaiah is doing the "cowboy" or the "cell phone" don't even ask what they are just some crazy things Isaiah made up.

Aiken and Maddox hanging out by the pool

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Fishin'

This weekend we enjoyed Tahoe yes once again. Well when you live this close to the Celestial kingdom you might as well visit it, all the time. Just kidding. It is one of our most favorite places to visit. Check out my niece and nephew and our two kids while in Tahoe...

This is Eva and Maddox just hanging out at the beach, I think Eva is checking out Maddox's butt, but who knows little kids do the awesomest things.

Isaiah is eating lunch and Maddox still has a little lunch on his face. I love it when they do that.

Eva, Isaiah, Maddox and Aiken looking while the big kids try to catch trout for the little kids. I don't think it is supposed to work like that.

Megan and Pirate Maddox fishing

This is Eva my cute little niece.

Hwy 88

1. I just have a few minutes right now but I have to tell this story before I forget it, man our kids are so awesome, we drove home from Tahoe yesterday and we decided to take the long way home which usually it takes 55 minutes to get home when I drive, but yesterday it took 3 hours. Well anyway on the way home we were talking about getting home and getting ready for church when Isaiah started singing, I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday. Well Isaiah said, "I lub to see the temple I'll sneak in there someday." Dude Amy and I were laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my drawers. Maddox starts laughing cause we are laughing but Isaiah and Maddox are truly amazing kids who are great. Anyway it was a funny laugh. Another thing that I have to write down is that Maddox when he prays he always says this, Dear Heavenly Father, ....this day, I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses, bless the food, I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses, be good boy, mommy and daddy, Chuck E Cheeses, name of............Amen, I guess it might be time to go to Chuck E Cheeses... Love you boys

2. Second funny story of the weekend when we were at the park, all the kids were trying to do the monkey bars, while the kids were playing the bigger kids were talking. Megan was talking about taking Grant to the store to buy him some face wash, he wanted the face wash that was about $9.00. Megan stating that she is not made of money, my mom steps in and says, "what about my wash that is in the shower at the cabin?" The wash says Anti Bac from Dermalogica which is a great product, but Grant says, "Mom I need FACE wash not BAC wash." We all started laughing again so hard, cause we know that Anti Bac means anti bacterial. Grant being 13 is the man I love that kid. He is only a 1.50 inches shorter than I am now so he is going to be big.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evans Rancheria

Hey we decided to go a little natural, well we are using the area we have to raise some chickens (for eggs) and some pigs, well we all know what those are for. That is right we have twenty (20) chickens and two pigs. We bought two Yorkshire and Hampshire mixes which makes them "Blue Butts" We bought the pigs on a friday and lost them only once that day. While Grant and I were looking for the pigs in the neighbors ward there was no sign of them so we got into the truck and took off down Ponderosa road and looked and them down Carlson road and court which backs up to our property. No sign of them, this was about 2 hours of looking. While driving I had Grant say a prayer that we would find the pigs, and when we got home the pigs were back in the pen. Can you believe that? Almost like a primary testimony but I am serious of the power of prayer, little things like that help us gain a stronger testimony each and every day. The next day which is Saturday we lost them two more times but each time we found them.

Dr. Man Man Man

Adam is now a Doctor, and he loves being busy treating patients. He is getting busier all the time, but he hates the slow times which there is going to be right. Here is a look at our little Dr.

By the Way I'm Pregnant...

This is for the all the questions out there. Amy is pregnant and she is getting ready to give light into this world. She is super awesome and doesn't get the credit she deserves from any of the boys in her life. Amy we love you so much, we are greatful for your attitude and happiness that you bring to us everyday. Love you,

Adam, Isaiah, and Maddox

4th in Tahoe

On the 4th we went up to Tahoe with our little family and Grant and stayed in David's cabin, which is the best place in the world we think. We rode the flume and also we went on the water with our friends the Downey's and their boat and watched the fireworks from the Nevada side. It was such a cool experience for the boys. Really awesome. The show was a full half hour and not disappointing. After it was over we drove back to their dock and Maddox and Isaiah both fell asleep.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Never Going to Get to Ride the Flume

Isaiah was so mad at us for going on the Flume trail in Tahoe and not taking him, first of all he is four and all though he is a good rider the flume is 15 miles and the first 4 miles are up hill and then it levels off for about 7 miles then comes the cool downhill. So two weeks after the Tahoe ride I took Isaiah on the Flume trail with Grant since Chad is in Hawaii but we rode about 3 miles total. He was such a good sport and said "HI" to everyone that passed, not like his dad. He says, "HI, I'm Isaiah whats your name?" Pretty funny, my boys bring so much joy to me, I love being a dad. What is also very cool is that this year was the first time Grant really rode a bike. He doesn't really know how to ride but his inaugural rides were Mr. Toads Wild Ride and the Flume, wow but he did a good job, he is the man and wants to ride all the time now. Riding brings people happy.

Tahoe Trip 08

Every year there are a few faithful people who take time out of their lives, and feel the spirit in a different way. We go mountain biking in Tahoe for three days usually but due to being so out of shape we ride two days and then we golf the third day, check out some of the photos we took while doing this awesome trip.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Motorcycle Man

Here is Isaiah (4) who got his Honda 50 for Christmas. You should see him ride I am going to have to put a clip of it on the blog, NO I am serious he is amazing, I am not saying this cause he is my kid, but for real he is (4) can kick start it, shift it and stop, weave in and out and is trying to teach himself to do wheelies. I am so proud of him. The past weekend up in Tahoe the Casinos had a block party with the X-Games guys doing back flips and supermans, and Isaiah was saying, "I want to do that someday, dad can you teach me that?" As I am thinking to myself I can't even ride a motorcycle, he thinks his dad can do everything. I hope he never thinks differently.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Man Workout

I walked out of my bedroom to find this scene so I had to get a clip of it! I really don't make my kids work out they just think it's fun. Don't know where they get that from!