Monday, November 17, 2008


The boys wanted to be Vampires this year which was fine by me! Super easy costume. Isaiah and Maddox refused to wear blood on their face saying it was disgusting but Adam obliged for the picture. Ailey was a ballerina and a dang cute one if I do say so myself. This year we let the kids draw their own faces on the pumpkins and then we carved them and I have to say they turned out super cute! I wish I had taken a picture of the final product. We went Truck or Treating at the church and then back home for scones (a family tradition) it was a great night!

Isaiah's Birthday

I'm finally catching up on some of the events in October! Isaiah is 1 year older and I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Isaiah is our little pistol! He has enough energy to run our entire house. He is outgoing and loves to talk with others. It is not uncommon for him to shout HI out his window as we are driving by the high school cross country team on our way home. We are the Cub Scout Den leaders in our ward and Isaiah can't wait to be a boy scout. He loves comming to den meetings and hanging out with the boys. He is also very popular at school with the girls. Everyday when I pick him up he has at least 2 girls chasing him around the playground. When he came home last week and said Mom, "Madison wants to kiss me" we had to have a serious talk about how we only kiss our mom and no other girls. He is so independent and a freak of nature when it comes to coordination and athletic ability. He is a great older brother and has the sweetest spirit. We love you Isaiah Happy Birthday!
Birthday day went like this - Chuck E Cheeses, presents, cake. His favorite present was the bunny rabbits one boy and one girl and yes the girl is pregnant so we will have little bunnies soon. Now that makes 2 rabbits, 2 sheep, 3 pigs, 19 chickens, a cat, a dog, and lots of love on the Evans farm. Next to come is 2 cows, a turtle, and some fish if Isaiah gets his way and as of this year he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Hubby

I just wanted to take a minute and thank my husband for all he does. I'm so lucky to have such a great person in my life. Adam has so many talents, skills, and knowledge I thought I would just write about some of my favorite. 1. FATHER Adam is a great dad. He always makes time for the kids even when he doesn't have much of it. He loves teaching them and is a great example. 2. PROVIDER Adam has worked so hard to finish school and get to the place we are now in our lives. All of our marriage up to this point has been spent in school and he has been so diligent. He started his own chiropractic office and is also an associate at another office and is head coach of the J.V. basketball team at the high school. His plate is so full but he doesn't complain he has a good attitude and is greatful for all the opportunities we have. 3. HUSBAND I'm so lucky to have a husband that does all the above mentioned but when he comes home after a long day and gives me a hug and takes the kids to give them a bath or take them down to feed the animals or let them pile on top of him for a good wrestling session I'm reminded of how much I love him. I love you Adam.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ailey Mae

Here are so more pics of our little girl. Ailey is so much fun and such a sweetheart. Her brothers adore her and never tire of showering her with kisses. I never knew what it was like to have an older brother but if I had I would have wanted these two to be mine! Enjoy!

Country Living

It may be no secret to some of you that I was a little disappointed when we decided to move to California instead of Tri-Cities but I have grown to love my surroundings and appreciate the decision we made. Here are a few reasons I love California.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in...

Check out this video of Isaiah telling the story of the 3 little pigs...

I was so proud of him

Amy and the Girls in Tahoe

Amy went to Tahoe with her College friends and their new girls. Anyway it was Di and Nessa, Erin and Liza, Sotutu and Kaila and Jill. They were there Thursday through Sunday and we never heard from them the whole time. Here are some photos of them in David's cabin.

All the mommies looking at their own babies

Di and Nessa and Erin and Liza, it looks like Liza
is photo shopped in there from the 20's.

They all love cards, apparently there is nothing else
to do in Idaho anyway.

All the girls, Ailey, Nessa, Kaila, and Liza

Ailey must be crying...

Friday, September 12, 2008

My man is the man

Pondo’s Adam Evans comes back home
By Liz Kane | Sports editor | September 09, 2008 15:30
JUST CALL HIM DOC - Former Ponderosa basketball star Adam Evans is now a chiropractor in Cameron Park. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins
CAMERON PARK — It’s been 11 years since El Dorado County basketball fans were treated to Adam Evans’ exploits on the hardwood at Ponderosa High.

From the time Evans was a freshman called up to play alongside his older brother David in the 1994 Sac-Joaquin Section playoffs, Adam ignited the fans and his team with his scoring ability and defensive play, often leading the Bruins to victory with his one-man show.

Unassuming, shunning the media spotlight and somewhat small at a little over 6 feet, Adam’s reputation still preceeded him wherever he played. In his remaining three years on the varsity team, Adam was the go-to man who absolutely wanted to win whenever he took the floor.

In all he played for three different coaches at Ponderosa — Terry Battenberg, Brett Sargent, Battenberg again and Dave Millhollin — and in two leagues, the Sierra Foothill League and the Sierra Valley Conference.

In his junior year under Battenberg in 1996, the team made it to Arco Arena for the semi-final section game against Rio Americano, a game the Bruins lost in the last seconds.

“Going to Arco was definitely huge for me in high school,” said Adam, who is now a doctor. “I really felt like I learned a lot from Coach ‘B.’ He’s a disciplinarian, both on the floor and in life. We really respected what he said.”

Adam had offers to play for a Division I school but chose to play college ball at Brigham Young University, Hawaii, following David there to begin another chapter in his career. After he was named Pac West Freshman of the Year in 1998, Adam left for Colombia for a two year mission having fulfilled his dream of playing alongside David for an entire season.

“The highlight of my basketball career was playing with David at BYU. He was 6-6 and I was 6-2 and we were both guards.

“David,” Adam added proudly, “was a three-year first team All American at BYU. My two other brothers, Jared and Chad, were also in Hawaii and we all lived together. That was awesome. I played in every game and I have to say it was my best year of college.”

Parents Rosemarie and Thurman, sister Megan, who currently lives in Hawaii, and little brother Grant, now a freshman at Ponderosa, traveled to all of BYU’s road games and joined the boys to celebrate family Christmases in Hawaii.

Adam’s 11-year journey has brought him full circle. He’s back in Cameron Park where he and his wife Amy opened Evans Chiropractic two months ago. Now this one-time dynamo on the basketball court is not only building his practice, he and Amy are parenting three children — which one finds out includes raising pigs and chickens — all part of “raising boys” Adam explained. “That’s their job.”

During a recent week, the Evans welcomed their third child, daughter Ailey, who joins brothers Isaiah, 4, and Maddox, 3, on Wednesday, and hosted a Chamber of Commerce barbecue and ribbon-cutting at the chiropractic office Friday — proving Adam’s energy level is still in high gear.

Adam still holds the Bruin school records of 1,870 career points and 29.2 points per game. David is second with 1,200 points and a 28.8 per game average. Adam is also sixth in both assists and rebounds. The brothers’ jerseys were retired in a ceremony at the school several years ago.

During his playing years wearing No. 14, Adam marked the back of his shoes with the words “Heart” and “Hustle.” After four years of chiropractic school in Oregon he served his internship at Cameron Park Chiropractic for Dr. Lorin Farr. Urged by “buddies at MaxPreps,” to remain in the area, Adam and Amy scrapped plans to settle in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state and stay here.

Once the office was set up, a sign with “Heart and Hustle” was posted on the wall, a message Adam conveys to his patients as he offers chiropractic and rehabilitation services, including a workout space where he teaches core exercises.

“Amy loves the area and it’s great reconnecting with people like Chad Downey, Ryan Beal and Claude Parcon to name a few,” Adam said. “When the A-frame in Cameron Park became available it seemed like the right thing to do.”

He and Amy met at BYU and married in Adam’s senior year.

“I didn’t play because I tore the MCL in my knee,” Adam said. “I was a student assistant coach and Amy and I got married that year. She’s the one who encouraged me to study to be a chiropractor instead of staying in Hawaii and becoming a contractor like David. She knew I loved to talk and treat people.”

During the 2002-2003 school year Adam coached the freshman team at Union Mine. He returns to the Diamondback campus this fall as the junior varsity coach under new head coach Mike Verbitsky, who was Adam’s freshman coach at Ponderosa.

For now he’s playing some pick-up ball and he and some of his former teammates and other county players during the 1990s are “getting back in shape” playing in the “Old Man’s League” in Folsom.

“When I was coaching the freshmen I could run up and down the floor,” Adam said. “Now I’m going to have to get moving if I’m going to keep up with the kids.”

Running a busy practice with Amy’s help, keeping up with three active kids, mountain bike riding with his dad, basketball with his buddies and learning how to raise chickens and pigs — sounds like enough activity to keep anyone fit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day of Kindergarten

It is 8-18-08 and Isaiah went to his 1st day of kindergarten today. I can honestly say I didn't worry about him at all. We have been so lucky to get him as our 1st born. He is so independent, polite, helpful, and a great leader. He has been begging to go to school for weeks now and even after I picked him up he asked to stay longer. Anyway here are some pictures of his 1st day.

Ailey Mae Evans

Man we are so bad about getting things up and running. So SORRY and here we go.

Ailey Mae Evans was born 8-13-2008 at 2:36pm

She was 8lbs. 6oz. and 20 inches long. She was our smallest baby todate, but Ailey and Amy are doing wonderful. Amy had Ailey on Wed., went to church on Sunday and now is already wanting to work, but I won't allow it yet.

In case if any of you can't pronounce her name it sounds like (I-Lee)

Right after she was born the hospital left us alone for 2 hours, pretty crazy with all her vernix on her.

She is just saying how much she rules right here.

This one looks like she has Uncle Dave's hands, they really are that big, I saw her palm a basketball the other night

I rule!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look Mom No Floaties...

Isaiah's new thing is to be so proud that he can swim with no floaties. I (dad) took him around the pool for like 5 minutes and showed him that he could do it. After that he thought he was the man, now able to swim all by himself. The next feat was to jump off the diving board with no floaties and swim to the side. Well this is where the story gets funny. Isaiah tells me that if he jumps off the diving board he will get a new toy, being totally okay with that he gets on the board and starts talking to himself. This is what Isaiah starts to say, "Ok, Ok, you can do this, here it goes, here it goes, dad I trust you, Isaiah you can do this, just a small little jump, ok , ok, here it goes, dad I trust you, ok, ok I love Kung Fu." Then he jumped. He got the toy and now has no fear doing cannonballs, can openers, cowboys, the cell phone jump, anything I love being a dad.

Here is Isaiah, Maddox and Aiken

Isaiah and Grant, I think Isaiah is doing the "cowboy" or the "cell phone" don't even ask what they are just some crazy things Isaiah made up.

Aiken and Maddox hanging out by the pool

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gone Fishin'

This weekend we enjoyed Tahoe yes once again. Well when you live this close to the Celestial kingdom you might as well visit it, all the time. Just kidding. It is one of our most favorite places to visit. Check out my niece and nephew and our two kids while in Tahoe...

This is Eva and Maddox just hanging out at the beach, I think Eva is checking out Maddox's butt, but who knows little kids do the awesomest things.

Isaiah is eating lunch and Maddox still has a little lunch on his face. I love it when they do that.

Eva, Isaiah, Maddox and Aiken looking while the big kids try to catch trout for the little kids. I don't think it is supposed to work like that.

Megan and Pirate Maddox fishing

This is Eva my cute little niece.

Hwy 88

1. I just have a few minutes right now but I have to tell this story before I forget it, man our kids are so awesome, we drove home from Tahoe yesterday and we decided to take the long way home which usually it takes 55 minutes to get home when I drive, but yesterday it took 3 hours. Well anyway on the way home we were talking about getting home and getting ready for church when Isaiah started singing, I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday. Well Isaiah said, "I lub to see the temple I'll sneak in there someday." Dude Amy and I were laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my drawers. Maddox starts laughing cause we are laughing but Isaiah and Maddox are truly amazing kids who are great. Anyway it was a funny laugh. Another thing that I have to write down is that Maddox when he prays he always says this, Dear Heavenly Father, ....this day, I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses, bless the food, I want to go to Chuck E Cheeses, be good boy, mommy and daddy, Chuck E Cheeses, name of............Amen, I guess it might be time to go to Chuck E Cheeses... Love you boys

2. Second funny story of the weekend when we were at the park, all the kids were trying to do the monkey bars, while the kids were playing the bigger kids were talking. Megan was talking about taking Grant to the store to buy him some face wash, he wanted the face wash that was about $9.00. Megan stating that she is not made of money, my mom steps in and says, "what about my wash that is in the shower at the cabin?" The wash says Anti Bac from Dermalogica which is a great product, but Grant says, "Mom I need FACE wash not BAC wash." We all started laughing again so hard, cause we know that Anti Bac means anti bacterial. Grant being 13 is the man I love that kid. He is only a 1.50 inches shorter than I am now so he is going to be big.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evans Rancheria

Hey we decided to go a little natural, well we are using the area we have to raise some chickens (for eggs) and some pigs, well we all know what those are for. That is right we have twenty (20) chickens and two pigs. We bought two Yorkshire and Hampshire mixes which makes them "Blue Butts" We bought the pigs on a friday and lost them only once that day. While Grant and I were looking for the pigs in the neighbors ward there was no sign of them so we got into the truck and took off down Ponderosa road and looked and them down Carlson road and court which backs up to our property. No sign of them, this was about 2 hours of looking. While driving I had Grant say a prayer that we would find the pigs, and when we got home the pigs were back in the pen. Can you believe that? Almost like a primary testimony but I am serious of the power of prayer, little things like that help us gain a stronger testimony each and every day. The next day which is Saturday we lost them two more times but each time we found them.