Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last 5 months

Isaiah in his baseball uniform. He was really excited to play this year.

Isaiah at second base.

I got to fly to seattle in feb to see Erin, Josh, and Eliza. We had a great time and Ailey and Eliza got to do some bonding.

The Evans boys got to take a trip out to Utah to see one of their best buds get married. Congrats Clay! From left to right: Sugar, Clay, David, Adam, and Chad.

More cousin bonding time with Ailey. This is Chloe and Ailey. Chloe was so cute with her the whole time she came to visit. She was the perfect babysitter! She would just take Ailey and I wouldn't here a thing for hours. Thanks Chloe! Can't wait to see you in June.

Isaiah and his best friend Bryson. They had alot of fun doing some face painting this day. Two dragons on Isaiah's face and some sort of fire mask on Bryson's.

Ailey's first ride on the Quad. She actually like it!

Isaiah on Opening day for baseball. He decided he wanted to climb the rock wall which he had never done before. He climbed it like a pro the first time and made it all the way to the top! This kid never stops amazing me.

Maddox and Ailey have been two peas in a pod while Isaiah is gone to school. They watch cartoons together or run errands with me.

Our little family

HOLY CRAP! Sorry it has taken so long to get something posted. We have been doing a lot these past few months but here is a little ditty and some pictures to go with it.

Maddox (4) Isaiah (5) and Ailey (6 months) in this post now she is almost 9 months. Our family

This was our newest lamb at the time, our little farming family on the trampoline

Babe on the left and Zuko on the right, she is going to be having piglets here in the next few months. Let me know who is ready for the best pork ever.

Here are a few of our chickens. We have 36 chickens and 2 turkeys. We used to have them in with the pigs but all 25 last year got eaten by our pigs, no wonder why our pork tasted like chicken.

Our newest addition to the farm, little lamb male born 4-4-2009 he and the mom are doing really well.

Here is our little lamb with my smoking hot prego wife. Number 4 here we come.