Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thanks Shirley J.

O.K. so I have to blog about Shirley J. It is a great company that has some amazing products! I love their food and started using it thinking it would be great to have as food storage. Most of their products you just add water and your done. Their is brownie mixes, cookie mixes, biscuit and pancake mixes, bread mixes, cake mixes, and sauces and soups and spices.... anyway I could go on and on. I decided to take one of their challenges to cook thirty of their meals and try out all their products. As part of their incentive to keep cooking with their products if you took pictures of your dinners and posted them you would be entered into a $500.00 drawing each week. one entry for every meal you cooked that week. I already decided to cook the meals I had to cook for my family anyway and it would be a great way to try new recipes out. I started cooking and posting and the 4th week at it I got a call saying I won $500.00. I was extremely surprised! I never win anything but this was really easy and fun and I have to say I loved most of their recipes! here are a few things I cooked up.

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